2010. szeptember 14., kedd

LAPSI belső hírek (internal) - Bővebben a barcelonai eseményről.

"Some of you asked for some first information on the first LAPSI primer, which will be held in Barcelona, within the Free Culture Forum. 
The LAPSI primer, jointly organized with EVPSI, will be held on the 28th of October, from 11.00 to 13.30. Please find enclosed the program and the information on the working venue (the flyer will be nicer at a later stage)
On the 29th WG5 and WG1subgroup IP will meet, in particular for discussing 2 policy recommendations, as convened during our last WG skype call. 
Working venue: to be defined (my colleague Ilaria is taking care of it)
On the 31st LAPSI attendants will gather together with other attendants for finalizing the drafting of policy recommendations. These recommendations will be merged in an Handbook, which is an expected result of the FCF. 
Additional activities: after the LAPSI primer, there will be a FCF panel on Open Government. Other panels will be organized from Thursday afternoon to Saturday evening. On thursday night there will be the Oxcars awards. Feel free to attend any of these meetings. Further information on http://2010.fcforum.net/
Meals: we will have a catering service on Thursday (lunch and dinner) and on Sunday (lunch). On the other days we will be free to have lunch and dinner where we wish.
Accomodation: please find a list of suggested hotels (kindly prepared by my colleague Ilaria). 
I hope this helps. 
Feel free to contact me for any further information. "

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About the LAPSI project

LAPSI is a project in the FP7 program of the European Union.
Legal Aspects of the Public Sector Information and Re-use.
Timespan: 30 months. Participants: 20 institutions and organistions. Coordinator: University of Torino.
Kick-off Meeting: Torino, 26-28 March, 2010

Role of HUNAGI in the LAPSI Project

HUNAGI contribution is related mainly to the Geographic Information which are produced, maintained and used in land management, including surveying, mapping, cadastre and land registration, remote sensing and serviced by relevant spatial data infrastructures. From a national economic point of view, the uniform land registration system operating in Hungary is one of the most important databases of the country. This system allows to obtain over the time updated legal and geometric data, as well as other information (e.g. on ownership, land uses, mortgages, etc.). The cadastral maps integrated into the uniform land registration system show spatial relations and references of rights, facts and other information appearing on the property sheets, serving as a basis of engineering planning for the national economy. The national spatial data infrastructure can be built on this uniform, authorized and public land registration system, in small partial modules, following the EU INSPIRE Directive. HUNAGI will participate to all Working Groups and actively take part to Working Groups 01, 03 and 04. It also makes its facilities available to host one of the thematic network seminars or conferences.

About the HUNAGI Team of the LAPSI Project

Team members:
Piroska Zalaba (FvM FTF www.fvm.hu), dr. Szabolcs Mihály (FÖMI www.fomi.hu), dr.József Mlinarics (MATISZ www.matisz.hu), Ferenc Hargitai (MATISZ www.matisz.hu), István Sponga (Neumann-Ház Nonprofit Kft www.neumann-haz.hu), Dr. Tamás A. Kovács (Dr. Kovács A. Tamás Ügyvédi Iroda www.kovacsatamasiroda.hu), Dr. Gábor Remetey-Fülöpp, Team leader (HUNAGI www.hunagi.hu)

Barkóczi Zsolt (HUNAGI www.hunagi.hu), Tóth Sándor (FVM FTF www.fvm.hu)
Klóser Anikó (Meh EKK www.ekk.meh.gov.hu), dr. Marosán Andrea (MeH EKK), dr. Csiszér Gábor (MeH EKK)
Temporal replacements: Éva Harbula for Dr. Szabolcs Mihály (FÖMI)

About the Team Leader

Gabor Remetey-Fülöpp is Secretary General of Hungarian Association of Geo- information/HUNAGI. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering (Budapest) and a second diploma in automation in geodesy. Among his numerous experiences he has been part of the EU Acquis-related institutional development project (1998-2006), of the EC INSPIRE Experts Team (2001-2006), and of the Drafting Team, National SDI Strategy (2004-2006). He also took part to ePSIplus activities.