2015. május 6., szerda

Finn földügyi-térképészeti hatóság (NLS) jelentése a szervezet szociális felelőségéről

Intézményi változás: a Finn Geodéziai Intézet és a Nemzeti Földügyi Felmérési szolgálat összevonásával a korábbi kutatóhely megnevezése is változott. A hivatalos bejelentés szerint: In the beginning of 2015 the Finnish Geodetic Institute was merged to National Land Survey of Finland (NLS). The new name of the institute is Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI). "

Dr. Kate Lance (Yale Egyetem) írja a GSDI szervezet szakmai (jogi és társadalmi-gazdasági szakbizottsági) levelezőjén:

"Finland: First social responsibility report from the National Land Survey

The National Land Survey of Finland published a description of its social responsibility for the first time. Social responsibility reports are still rare within organisations in the public administration.

The National Land Survey's social responsibility includes acting in an open and ethical manner, respecting stakeholders, compliance with laws and international codes of conduct as well as voluntary activities, through which the organisation promotes sustainable development.

"Our social responsibility report tells the story of our responsibilities towards our customers, employees, society at large and the environment", says Director of Communications Pirkko Yliselä.

"Socially significant we find at least a total productivity of five percent last year and promoting the free use of topographic data, for instance, through the Map service for the public administration, which is free of charge for authorities", says Yliselä.

The report also presents the Property Transaction Service, which saves customers time, our strict information security and our continuous quality work. Our environmental targets consist of work in multiple locations, a new concept of premises and Green Office work.

Download Social Responsibility Report 2014 (in English): 

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About the LAPSI project

LAPSI is a project in the FP7 program of the European Union.
Legal Aspects of the Public Sector Information and Re-use.
Timespan: 30 months. Participants: 20 institutions and organistions. Coordinator: University of Torino.
Kick-off Meeting: Torino, 26-28 March, 2010

Role of HUNAGI in the LAPSI Project

HUNAGI contribution is related mainly to the Geographic Information which are produced, maintained and used in land management, including surveying, mapping, cadastre and land registration, remote sensing and serviced by relevant spatial data infrastructures. From a national economic point of view, the uniform land registration system operating in Hungary is one of the most important databases of the country. This system allows to obtain over the time updated legal and geometric data, as well as other information (e.g. on ownership, land uses, mortgages, etc.). The cadastral maps integrated into the uniform land registration system show spatial relations and references of rights, facts and other information appearing on the property sheets, serving as a basis of engineering planning for the national economy. The national spatial data infrastructure can be built on this uniform, authorized and public land registration system, in small partial modules, following the EU INSPIRE Directive. HUNAGI will participate to all Working Groups and actively take part to Working Groups 01, 03 and 04. It also makes its facilities available to host one of the thematic network seminars or conferences.

About the HUNAGI Team of the LAPSI Project

Team members:
Piroska Zalaba (FvM FTF www.fvm.hu), dr. Szabolcs Mihály (FÖMI www.fomi.hu), dr.József Mlinarics (MATISZ www.matisz.hu), Ferenc Hargitai (MATISZ www.matisz.hu), István Sponga (Neumann-Ház Nonprofit Kft www.neumann-haz.hu), Dr. Tamás A. Kovács (Dr. Kovács A. Tamás Ügyvédi Iroda www.kovacsatamasiroda.hu), Dr. Gábor Remetey-Fülöpp, Team leader (HUNAGI www.hunagi.hu)

Barkóczi Zsolt (HUNAGI www.hunagi.hu), Tóth Sándor (FVM FTF www.fvm.hu)
Klóser Anikó (Meh EKK www.ekk.meh.gov.hu), dr. Marosán Andrea (MeH EKK), dr. Csiszér Gábor (MeH EKK)
Temporal replacements: Éva Harbula for Dr. Szabolcs Mihály (FÖMI)

About the Team Leader

Gabor Remetey-Fülöpp is Secretary General of Hungarian Association of Geo- information/HUNAGI. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering (Budapest) and a second diploma in automation in geodesy. Among his numerous experiences he has been part of the EU Acquis-related institutional development project (1998-2006), of the EC INSPIRE Experts Team (2001-2006), and of the Drafting Team, National SDI Strategy (2004-2006). He also took part to ePSIplus activities.